The college prides itself in being an archive of the traditional Indian knowledge system. In this regard, the college houses many rare books and manuscripts related to Religion, Folk Culture and Sanskrit language and Literature. This serves to preserve our rich ancient Classical cultures for posterity. The books are housed in a special section of the institution’s library and is one of the legacies of our institution.
As an effort to bridge the gap between the centre and the margins during the first phase of the coronavirus pandemic, the college undertook the task of dissemination of awareness regarding the importance of vaccination against COVID-19 in the remote villages of the Darjeeling hills of Northern West Bengal. This was achieved through postering in these rural hill villages and direct outreach among the villagers. Miss Laden Sherpa, Assistant Professor in the Department of English, whose home is in the Darjeeling hills, in conversation with the Principal and the NSS Team of Deshbandhu College for Girls, Kolkata, took upon herself the task of preparing and distributing these posters and spread vaccination awareness through direct outreach. The outreach involved a communication of the need for vaccination among the senior citizens as well as among the youth. This initiative of the college served to bridge the gap between the metropolitan city and the rural Himalayan communities and spread COVID-19 awareness to the peripheries of the nation and the state.