The Students Union

College Socials

College Socials

The institution is proud to have a democratically elected and motivated students’ union.

The Students’ Union of the college actively works in the interest of the students throughout the year. Besides, addressing the day to day issues of the students, individual attention is given to their problems,especially in the time of admissions, University examinations.

The Students’ Union organises various activities like College Sports, College Social, Blood Donation camps involving all the students of the college.

The present union looks after the students’ interests with dedication under the following office bearers:

President Dr. Anita Chattopadhyay Gupta – Principal
Vice President Pampa Halder, 3rd year, Bengali (Hons)
General Secretary Wahida Khatoon, 2nd. year, B.A.(Gen.)
Asst. General Secretary Tinku Das, 3rd. year, B. Com. (Gen.)
Social and Cultural Secretary Banashree Panda, 2nd. year, Bengali (Hons.)
Asst. Social and Cultural Secretary Sancharita Pramanik, 2nd. year, Bengali (Hons.)
Games and Sports Secretary Chanu Sarkar, 2nd.year, Education (Hons.)
Asst. Games and Sports Secretary Alka Kumari Jha, 1st. year B.Com. (Hons.)
Magazine Secretary Anusree Mazumder, 2nd. year, Political Science (Hons.)
Asst. Magazine Secretary Simran Sinha, 1st. year, (Hons.)
Common Room and Canteen Secretary Arpita Das, 2nd year, B.A. General
Asst. Common Room and Canteen Secretary Nagma Khatoon, 1st. year, B.Com. (Hons.)
Library Secretary Sharmila Rong, 2nd. year, B.A. (Gen)
Asst. Library Secretary Priyadorshini Ghosh, 1st. year, History (Hons.)
Treasurer Tinku Das, 3rd. year, B. Com. (Gen.)