The College Hostel


The college offers a well-equipped students’ hostel within the college premises built with the grant from the UGC. Inaugurated by the Honourable Minister of Higher Education,Sri Partha Chatterjee,it was opened for the students since January, 2014.

The three-storied hostel building has a capacity to accommodate 40 boarders at present. Out of these 40 seats 24 have already been occupied by older students and this academic year we are going to offer 16 more seats for freshers. Students interested to avail the hostel facility are to apply to the Teacher-in-Charge for the same.But selection of students to be accommodated in the hostel will be strictly within the discretion of the college authority.


The rooms, accommodating at least 4 students in each, are spacious and airy with a bed, a study table, a steel wardrobe and a wall mounted book self for each student. The hostel has 24hr water supply and other amenities. Food served is of standard quality. Hostel is under efficient and round the clock security.

The college administration is strict and particular about maintaining the discipline of the hostel. The boarders are to abide by the rules and regulations of the hostel and are answerable to the Matron for any misconduct or other breach of discipline.

Fee structure of the hostel :

Monthly Fees – Rs. 6500/-
(To be paid quarterly)

Luxury & Comfort, congenial to ideal academic ambience

Luxury & Comfort, congenial to ideal academic ambience