Desbandhu Colleges for girls was allotted an NCC unit on 25th july 2016. The institution has successfully raised a senior Devision NCC sub unit. There are 70 cadets in this unit at present. The obkective of NCC is to develop character,comradeship,discipline,leadership,secular outlook,spirit of adventure and ideas of selfless service amongest the youth of the coutry. The NCC cadets has been trained in parade especially Guard of Honour,they have proudly escorted chief guests of NAAC peer team in December,2016. They have successfully partucipated in summer camps held in Birlapur and Budge Budge in 2016,2017 and 2018. Our students have won many medals in these campus,includinga gold medal for firing in 2017. This year the cadets have won 9 medals in recently concluded Bilaspur camp, 3 medals in group song, 1 in solo dance, 1 is solo song, 1 in drawing competition, 1 for anchoring, 1 in extempore and the best camp senior of senior wings. We are deligheted to achieve such success in a span of just two years.

Co-ordinator – Dr.Sreoshi Chatterjee, Dept of Environmental Science