Kanyashree Prakalpa

Activities & Notices



It is an initiative taken by the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Dr. Mamata Banerjee , Government of  West Bengal to improve the life and status of the girls by helping economically  backward families with cash so that families do not arrange the marriage of their girl child before eighteen years of age because of  economic  problem. The purpose of this initiative is to uplift those girls who are from poor families and thus can’t pursue higher studies due to tough economic conditions. It has been given international recognition by the United Kingdoms’ Department of International Development and the UNICEF.

The scheme has two components:

  1. K1, an annual scholarship of Rs.750/- to be paid annually to the girls in the 13-18 year age group for every year that they remain in education, provided they are unmarried at the time.
  2. K2, a one-time grant of Rs. 25,000/-,to be paid when girls turn 18,provided that they are engaged in an academic or occupational pursuit and are unmarried at the time.

Both the benefits under the scheme are granted to the girls who belongs to families with annual family income <Rs 1,20,000.00 (exception: both parents dead,physically challenged).

Deshbandhu College for Girls issues applications to bonafide students who are  interested and  eligible. In the year 2015-16,49 girl students belonging to the said category  have received this  financial benefit from the college.