Film Club

The Film Club of Deshbandhu College for Girls was formed in the year 2016, an began it’s journey on and from 10th Sep, 2016. The purpose of the Film Club is to educate the students through entertainment. The club has successfully screened films like ‘GANDHI’ and ‘HIRAK RAJAR DESHE’ for the students. The students enjoyed the films throughly. They could relate the film ‘GANDHI’ to the pages of History , while they had lot of fun seeing the social satire ‘HIRAK RAJAR DESHE’ by Satyajit Ray. The club is looking forward to showing many such films (be it hostorical or documentory or a satire, etc.) to the Students, in future., to make the learinig process more interesting and enjoyable to them.


Dr. Anita Chattopadhyay Gupta, Principal, (Chairman)
Sarmistha Bandhyopadhyay,Dept. of History (Convenor)
Purnima Mallick, Dept. of Geography
Dr. Annapurna Palit, Dept. of English
Sutapa Basu, Dept. of English
Suchismita Datta, Dept. of Political Science