Rules of the College

  • All students are expected to comply with the rules of the college and respect its long tradition of service to education.
  • All students should show interest in studies and all departmental and co-curricular activities.
  • Decency and decoram in behaviour should be maintained.
  • Punctuality is highly emphasised here.
  • Principal, Teachers and all staff should be respectfully addressed.
  • Interest in cultural activities, sports and games and activities of different cells should be shown by all.
  • Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited in the college.
  • Any kind of in appropiate behaviour or violent conduct is strictly prohibited in the college.
  • Health and safety ules are to be obeyed.
  • No damage should be caused to any college property in any form whatsover.
  • Use of drugs/alchohol is very strictly prohibited in the college.
  • No guests/ friends are permitted to enter premises other than bonafide regular students.
  • Attention should be paid to turning off the switches of light and fans when leaving a room.


Identity Card

  • Every student of the college is provided with an Identity card which should be worn in the college.
  • Any exchange or lending of one’s Identity Card will be treated as a serious offence.
  • The Identity Card should be presented at the gate on entering the college.
  • The Identity card is to be presented when borroeing books from the library and attending college functions etc.
  • If the identity card is lost the college must be immediately informed. A new Identity card may be issued on payment of a fine.
  • In case of transfer or withdral from the college the Identity card must be returned to the college office.

Dress Code
A decorum in dress must always be maintained in college that is fitting for an academic environment.

Regular and Digital Notice Board
The Notice boards must be read everyday on comming to and befor leaving the college. no excuses will be entertained if notices on the board are ignored or missed.

Mobile phone
use of mobile phones within the college building is strictly prohibited.

No Poster Notice is to be pasted or fixed anywhere in the college. Writting on the walls is strictly prohibited and will amount punishment of the offender.

Class Rooms
The college class rooms may not be used for any kind of use outside college hours.

Ragging in any kind will not be tolerated, and very strict disciplinary action will be taken accordingly . Any incident of ragging must be brought to the notice of the Principal or Anti Ragging Cell.

Students are expected to comply with attendance rules to the University of Calcutta

Excursions are organised to fom time to time by the various departments of the college.

For playing games in the college prior permission of the college is required.

Change of Address
The office must be informed of any change of address and phone number after admission is completed.

Correspondence with the college
All Correspondenceshould be addressed to the Principal/Deshbandhu College for girls, 45C Rashbehari Avenue, Kolkata – 26
In all correspondence with the college, it is imperative to state the student’s name and roll number.