Mission and Vision

The mission of Deshbandhu College For Girls is to carry forward the dream of the founders of the College to educate young women and prvide an atmosphere conducive to the all round development
of the students. The Foundes attempted to imbibe the ideats of Chittaranjan Das when they built the College.

In its 60 years of service to society it has striven to provide educational opprtunities to young women
and inculcate a sense of discipline and comradeship among them as also to provide a platform to channelize the creative impulses of the students in a bid to recognize their talents.

The College aspires to create an atmosphere that will help build strong self supportive and progressive young women who can face the
challenges of a modern globalised world and contribute towords the establishment of a better society.

The college envisions in moduling and nurturing young women from all strata of society to women of substance. With a fair number of students coming from economically challenged backgrounds and comprising even of first generation learners, the Collge takes on the additional challenge of educating and grooming them to emerge as confident and independent young women. The college commits itself to the service of the nation by helping women grow against their diverse backgrounds in terms of plurality of religion and diversity of cultures and in facing different socio-economic challenges. The emphasis therefore is on the all round development of the student.