Governing Body

Governance of the Institution

The college is governed under the Calcutta University First Statutes, 1979 as a state-aided non-government college. The Governing Body is the highest body of management largely entrusted with decision-making in policy matters while the day-to-day internal administration is looked after by a full-time Principal or, in his or her absence, a Teacher-in-Charge. The Governing Body is constituted under the Calcutta University First Statutes, 1979 with two nominees from the government of West Bengal, two nominees from the university authorities, four elected teachers’ representatives, two elected non-teachers’ representatives, with the sitting local KMC councilor and the serving general secretary of the students’ union as ex-officio members. The Principal or the Teacher-in-charge, as the case may be, is the ex-officio secretary of the Governing Body. Nominees of the state government are there to ensure that the funds provided by it are fruitfully utilized for the benefits of the students. On the other hand, nominees of the affiliating university make sure that its high academic standards are maintained. The Governing Body is headed by a President who is usually a person of high social standing.

The present composition of the college Governing Body

  1. Prof. Benoy Bhuson Chakraborty, President
  2. Dr. Anita Chattopadhyay Gupta, Principal & Secretary.
  3. Prof. Pranabesh Jana, Government nominee.
  4. Dr. Joydeep Sarangi, Government nominee.
  5. Prof. Subhra Chakravorty, University nominee.
  6. Prof. Arindam Bhattacharyya, University nominee.
  7. Smt. Paramita Chatterjee, the local KMC councilor, as an ex-officio member.
  8. Prof. Shampa Bhattacharya, Teachers’ representative.
  9. Prof. Sujata Pradhan, Teachers’ representative.
  10. Prof. Purnima Mallick, Teachers’ representative.
  11. Prof. Manas Naskar, Teachers’ representative.
  12. Sri  Dipak Kumar Ganguly, Non-teachers’ representative
  13. Sri  Sudarshan Kayal, Non-teachers’ representative.
  14. Smt. Wahida Khatoon, General Secretary, the Students’ Union, as an ex-officio member.